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More than 2000 films have been entered into the database!

New feature: inactive entries.

Beginning to edit feature list.

Older news


You are looking for a machine that finds the really good films in the tv-program for you? Those you would like to watch? This is a task for "FilmSearch", a search engine that is looking exactly for the films, or other emissions, you have entered in your personal database before. The films can be specified either by title or some keywords.

How does it work?

The search engine parses every day the tv-program found on for regular expressions you've entered in your personal film-database. If a match is found, the engine will send you an email with all necessary information such as day, time and channel of the match about 5 day before the emission.

Using the engine

The search engine is running on, so please feel free to use it. Please send any comments concerning this site to "pmrb at" or to

If you maintain a web page, you are encouraged to make a link to this one (


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