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More than 2000 films have been entered into the database!

New feature: inactive entries.

Beginning to edit feature list.

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Regular expressions

To give you the greatest flexibility, the search strings used by the tv-agent are regular expressions. Among other advantages, this is useful, when you are not sure about the spelling of an emission, example: "Sesamstra(ß|ss)e"; this way "Sesamstraße" and "Sesamstrasse" will be found.

Of course, you don't need to learn a lot about regular expressions to use this site, the few examples in the faq-list should be enough.

All search expressions are case-insensitive.

Spam protection

Since outbound email is not supported on, there is no possibility to manage a 3-way handshake for registering new users. That's the reason, why there is a link included in every email for you, that allows you to immediately delete your account from the database.

It is quite easy to enter a regular expression, that matches almost everything. To prevent sending too much email to you, the engine will stop after about 20 messages per day and then send an advertisement.

Emissions recently found

FilmSearch allows you to get the list of entries, that have been found recently in the tv-program. This is useful, to delete easily the emissions, you've just watched, from your database.

If you search for the entries of all users (checkbox "Search films of all users"), this feature allows you, to see what films you missed perhaps on tv!

Inactive entries

If you want to keep an entry in the database, but you don't want to be advertised for this particular entry, then you can deactivate it.


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