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About 1986

Like all other kids, after school I first took a look into the tv-program, just to ensure not to miss any great film in the evening. But the more channels we got, the more time I spent reading the program, and often disappointment was big, since good films are quite rare (at least on German channels).

One day I discovered video-text and got the idea to build some software, that scans every day for the films I would like to see in the tv-program within some pages of the video-text. But my father told me, that it was too difficult to implement an interface to video-text amid all those quite special integrated circuits of a modern television.


I discovered Internet, email, Unix etc. Finally I found some web-pages with the weekly program of the channels I was able to receive. I entered my film collection (a little paper in my purse) into a file and wrote a shell script that was executed by a weekly cronjob and sent me email when a match of a film was found. This worked quite well, just until the day when I had no television anymore.


I rewrote the program in C. This is also the version you can find in the directory named "old" in the CVS-repository.


Finally I decided to implement this all in PHP/MySQL to permit users across the net to use this search-engine by means of a web-interface. In fact, I do this just for fun, because I recently learned the basics about PHP and MySQL and would like to use them.


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